HONESDALE—Taking a step toward improved sustainability, Honesdale Borough unveiled its new pair of electric vehicle (EV) charging plugs Tuesday afternoon with a cookout celebration at the Fred R. Miller Pavilion.

The plugs service the two parking spaces—now solely designated for EV charging—are located at 640 Main Street, immediately south of the pavilion in the Park and Shop lot.

For $1.50 per hour, payable through the ChargePoint phone app, residents and visitors can charge any full-EV or hybrid vehicle with a plug-in charge port.

“We're very excited Honesdale wanted to participate in this idea,” said David Harvey, Thursday.

Harvey, along with Jack Barnett and Steve Moulton pitched the idea of applying to the newly created Driving PA Forward-Level 2 EV Charging Rebate Program last fall to establish said charging location.

Funded through the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program, the rebate program provided $10,000 of the more than $13,600 installation project.

This cost includes three years of warrantee and maintenance service fees.

“It puts us on the map,” said Barnett. “All the smartphone apps and the Tesla dashboards, when they're looking for places to charge, they'll know to come to Honesdale, stop in the Park and Shop lot.”

Noting he drives a Chevy Bolt with a 60 kilowatt-hour battery capable of an over 230-mile range, Barnett explained “On this charger, I can charge from empty overnight. It's about ten hours.”

At the $1.50 hourly rate, this would be around $15 for a full charge.

The charging station was installed by the Borough Department Public Works, Werner Electric and Augello Excavating, and has been operational since May 10.

In that time, it has generated a net revenue of $48.95 and avoided 53 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of planting one tree and letting it grow for one year, according to information collected by the ChargePoint app.

Revenue generated from the charging station goes to the Borough.

Honesdale was the first municipality in the state to apply for the rebate program, and narrowly missed being the first to install their charging station due to poor weather conditions and other setbacks.

On the accomplishment, Parks and Recreations Committee Chair, Councilor James Jennings stated, “Being one of the first municipalities to implement the program is a huge, huge accomplishment for us.”

The councilor further stated the charging location is a boon both to Main Street and the region.

“People can find Honesdale as a destination to come, charge their car, wander Main Street, take a train ride, or come over to the breweries and to the shops...,” he said.

Pennsylvania Senator Lisa Baker (R-20) and State Representative Jonathan Fritz (R-111) were present to witness the unveiling, both having written letters of support for the project.

Congratulating the Borough on its endeavor, Baker stated, “I believe this to be ... very forward thinking in planning for the future and providing access here in the heart of the business community, the heart of downtown.

“As people look to alternative energy uses and electric cars, that's just a part of it. And so the demand will grow as people know that access is available in a convenient location.”

Fritz added, “This EV charging station is just further proof that Honesdale is cutting edge. Vehicles evolve, transportation modes evolve and we evolve along with that.

“I'm thankful to all the visionaries, the borough, DPW officials, the workers, for getting this project complete. The sun shines brightly on Honesdale.”