LAKEWOOD—It was a short and sweet meeting for the Preston Township Board of Supervisors last month.

According to the official meeting minutes, the meeting convened with supervisors Alan Jones, James Neu, Jr. and Robert Sienko all present.

Invoices were reviewed and the Supervisors approved expenses for January at $17,781.04 with payroll totaling $14,760.33.

The township's 1995 International truck was reported as being “down for repairs.” According to the minutes, “The new truck has new delivery date of April. There has been delays with the add-on equipment.”

The Supervisors also discussed the Nicholas Road abandonment/vacated issue at February's meeting.

The minutes note “Copies of road deeds need to be obtained from the courthouse and possible road survey may need to be done.”

As reported by Walter and Janet Spanko in the minutes, there had not been any improvement in the road's condition at the time of the meeting.

“The cold weather causes repair problems,” state the minutes.

Supervisor Neu stated at the meeting “the logger needs to put the road back in good a shape as when he began.”

The supervisor indicated he would inspect the road again at a later date.

There was no Planning Commission business for the Township and the meeting adjourned with no further business for the Supervisors to discuss.

Monthly business meetings of the Preston Township Board of Supervisors are held on the first Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. in the municipal building, 1515 Crosstown Highway, Lakewood.