COUNTY—The Wayne County Board of Commissioners recognized the many years of service of eight dedicated county employees.

Recognized were: Pat Mohn of the Penn State Extension for 50 years of service; JoAnn Bates of the Tax Assessment Office for 25 years of service; Martin Noble of Recycling, Patricia Perkins of the Aging Office, and Lisa Salak of the Adult Probation Office, each for 20 years of service; Thomas Murray of Aging/Transportation, Joyce Cerar of the Office of Behavioral Health and Developmental Programs and Early Intervention (BDP/EI), and Geraldine Naugle of the Juvenile Probation Office, each for 15 years of service to Wayne County.

The above mentioned individuals were each presented with a certificate of recognition on Thursday, commemorating their achievement.

Thanking each of the awardees for their service, Commissioner Chairman Brian Smith stated, “I think people in the public don't completely appreciate what you go through here at the county. We continue to get compliments whenever we go anywhere about the services people get from the county, even probation, believe it or not...You all have done a wonderful job and we certainly appreciate everything that you're doing and you deserve these certificates.”

Commissioner Joseph Adams noted that often in the modern world, society is perceived as temporary and short-term.

“There's a reality that comes with stability and caring and planning for the future and we're thrilled to be able to have an organization that, generally speaking, people stay,” he said.

“We're very, very excited to have the longevity that you have provided our organization. And it's important for somebody like me coming in that, with three years experience here, to be able to rely on...up to 50 years of employees institutional memory and knowledge...”

Commissioner Wendell Kay noted the diverse cross section of county offices represented by those assembled might leave some to question what underlying connection each has with the other.

“I've seen you as a county commissioner, but I've also interacted with all of you outside of that role as a member of the community and working here in the courthouse, and the common thread to me is professionalism.

“Every one of you, regardless of what your job description is, or your title, has performed that function with a great deal of not just responsibility, but professionalism. And I think that is something that you ought to be proud of.”