GREENE TOWNSHIP - “The building department won't return my phone calls,” complained Tanya O'Kelly. “I am trying to reopen Greentown Daycare. There is no daycare with a half hour radius. Parents are calling for childcare. The aftercare program at school closes at 4:30 pm. Parents often need later care.”

O’Kelly was addressing the Greene Township supervisors, March 6.

“The building department did do an inspection and indicated verbally that everything was fine but they haven't returned my calls since,” O'Kelly explained. “We began this process in January.”

“Usually you fill out an application, submit a check and the building department proceeds from there,” Solicitor Jeffrey Treat replied. “Go on their website to see what they require.”
“I am paying rent on a building that I can't use,” O'Kelly complained. “They told me that I didn't need an application. I don't know the name of the agency.”

“Is there anything I can do?,” O'Kelly asked. “The Occupancy Permit is the last step before submitting the application to the state.”

“Leave your name and phone number and I'll call you with the information tomorrow,” Secretary Judy Kleeman offered.

[More meeting items are covered in the story in the Saturday print edition.]
Greene Township supervisors meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m., at the offices on Brink Hill Road in Greentown.