PENNSYLVANIA —We all have witnessed that awkward moment when a parent loses their patience and begins to yell at their child in the supermarket, or cringed at the harsh tone of a teenager who lashed out at her mother without any fear of consequences.

Parenting can feel like an unpredictable rollercoaster ride, and while there are endless resources dedicated to helping parents navigate the daily challenges that may come with raising a child, many are often left feeling defeated.

To help bridge the gap between parent and child, Kim Olver, M.S., LCPC, NCC, BCC, will present an Empowerment Parenting Workshop, from 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday, March 16, at the Beach Lake United Methodist Church located at 7 Milanville Rd, Beach Lake, PA. The workshop is free to attend and is sponsored by the Beach Lake United Methodist Church Christian Preschool. To register, call (570) 729-7011.

Olver is a hometown native, born in Narrowsburg, NY and later moving to Honesdale, PA in 1976. She has dedicated over 30 years of her career helping people get along better with the important people in their lives, including themselves. Olver is a certified choice theory coach, trainer, counselor, speaker, and author who has published three books and 12 eBooks. She also raised two sons of her own, and in her professional practice and personal experiences, she has learned that more punishment, control, and coercion is not the answer, neither is relinquishing control to children.

“We cannot continue to parent our children the way we did when they were younger or even the way our parents parented us,” said Olver. “If we do not learn innovations in parenting, our efforts will likely be ineffective at best, and destructive at their worst.”

The workshop is based on Olver’s eBook, Empowerment Parenting, a guide that offers a win-win solution for parents to keep their relationship with their children healthy and influential. Olver will give participants useful tools to help them negotiate the inherent conflict between parents and children and offer ways to apply the skills to create happy, supportive, and caring relationships.