BEACH LAKE—Local business owner Ryan Thumann made ten-year-old, Kadyn Kinney's dreams come true over the weekend, allowing the proud young patriot to construct wooden American flag at Thumann's Grain to Glory Flag Co. workshop.

Kadyn's mother, Angela Kinney, explained in an email her son “ in love with his country and the American Flag. He wears a hat that looks like the American Flag daily.

“When he picks out clothes, you’ll see him in mainly red, white and blue clothes. He is more than proud of his country and to one day be able to protect the people that live in it like his Pop Pop did. He even carries a TBL lunch box to school.”

A TBL (Thin Blue Line) flag is an honorific American flag for military veterans and police officers.

Angela noted her husband purchased a wooden TBL flag from Grains to Glory as a Christmas gift for her, honoring her father who served in the Navy and as a Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Trooper.

“My son was so upset I wouldn’t let him hang it in his room or buy him another one as they are not cheap and we couldn’t afford to,” said Angela.

She explained Thumann saw her post about the plight and reached out, offering to let Kadyn come to the workshop and make his own flag to hang in his room, free of charge.

Thumann said, given Kadyn's love of the flag and his desire to be a police officer one day, “I'd do anything to support that.”

“I think I got more out of it than he did,” said Thumann, expressing delight at the joy Kadyn had while making his flag.

Thumann added the act of creating something instills even greater meaning to it for the person crafting it than it would otherwise.

In an email, Angela noted, “Kadyn was so happy to have the opportunity to make this flag that he went and made a bandana wreath flag as a gift to Ryan to say thank you.”

In addition to letting Kadyn craft his own flag, Thumann also invited his friend, a PSP officer, to the shop as a surprise for Kadyn.

“Kadyn was so shocked you could see the tears in his eyes as he jumped up and down yelling 'There is a police officer here,'” said Angela. “The state trooper, named Rob, was kind enough to let Kadyn explore the cruiser, print some tickets, take a breathalyzer test (he passed)... [the trooper] showed him gear a trooper needs to wear and also gave him one of his own patches from an old uniform.”

Angela noted her heart “ absolutely full with gratitude and happiness...” at the kindness Thumann showed in letting Kadyn make a flag and introducing him to a PSP Trooper.

“There are not too many people out there like Ryan anymore and I think he should be recognized for the caring and giving heart not only does he put into the flags that he makes, but the wishes of a child,” siad Angela. “It was something so simple, just a flag, and Ryan made it MUCH more. He has forever given my son a memory he will never forget and in the end the two of them also became friends and share a special bond.”

Operating out of a workshop in Beach Lake, Grain to Glory Flag Co. makes handcrafted wooden American flags to adorn the interior or exterior of a home.

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—Information from an email was used to write this story.