PALMYRA TWP. (Wayne) - Due to the Hawley Sewer Authority’s capital project, Palmyra Township has proposed a new ordinance. Township Solicitor Jeffrey Treat explained at the February 4 meeting that the proposed ordinance was created because the authority has to borrow money for the project, which will cost the authority a “significant amount of money.”

The cost of the major upgrade to the sewer system is $3,109,410. Because the authority is borrowing money, that “necessitates” the township and Hawley Borough to guarantee a debt of authority, with an agreement that obligates the township to 20 percent of the “payments of principal.” The reason for the guarantee, Treat said is because the township owns a percentage of the sewer hookup. The township’s 20 percent portion equates to $703,000.

Also discussed:

Secretary Treasurer Lois Powderly reported that $96,941.25 was in the general checking account as of January 31 and $89,523.21 was in the state road account. Powderly furthered that $5,730.15 was in the building code account, but $1.00 is in The Dime Bank, totaling $192,194.61.

For January, Powderly said that income generated in the general account was $2,594.17, with payroll being $4,926.41. The total interest earned in the state road account for January was $168.78, but there was a $.05 interest in the building code account from the PNCP Bank. The dollar in the Dime Bank was because there was a zero balance, so the dollar was used to reopen the township’s account.  

The Vice Chair of the Palmyra Township Auditors Kathryne Ewald reported that the township auditors voted to maintain the supervisors’ present wage of $20 per hour, with the continued health insurance benefit of $450 per quarter.

Hawley Borough Police Officer Aaron Bertholf reported that in January, officers responded to: one disorderly conduct, two motor vehicle accidents, issued one traffic citation and two warnings; with 44 other incidents and 24.5 hours served in the township.

Bertholf read a thank you letter from Chief Daniel Drake in regards to the board’s monetary gift, that supported the department’s purchase of a patrol car.

Supervisor Road Master Joe Kmetz made a motion, which was supported by Vice Chairman Bill Hamby, in regards to selling the township’s 2005 truck. The bids will start around $9,000, Kmetz said.

A resident in the township, Mike Givens expressed his concern about a proposed walking trail. Givens, who said he is a property owner in the township, told the board that he owns a “good portion of the walking path” and so, he questioned where exactly the path will go since his property is private.

Zoning Officer Paul Natale told Givens to attend a meeting that occurred before this article went to press, because there would be information given and questions answered. But, Natale also said no decisions have been made or grants awarded yet, so the meeting was a chance for property owners to speak.

Hamby noted that when raises were given at the January meeting, Powderly’s holiday bonus was not mentioned and so, she is set to receive a $350 holiday bonus.

The next Palmyra Township supervisors’ meeting is set Monday, March 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the township building that is located at 219 Oak Street in Marble Hill.