The Wayne Highlands Education Association has announced that the Honesdale Communities that Care (CTC) is the recipient of its December 2018 WHEA Community Outreach Program Grant. A check for $1000 was awarded by WHEA to CTC.


History of CTC


In October 1995, a murder was committed on Main Street in Honesdale. The victim was a family man who held two jobs. The perpetrator was an 18-year- old young man who was addicted to cocaine. In November 1995, because of this tragic single event, Honesdale Communities That Care (CTC) was organized in an effort to address the needs of families and children in our community. It was spearheaded by the local ministerium and evolved into a formal board represented by local businesses, social service agencies, Wayne Memorial Hospital, school officials, members of the clergy, and high school students. Honesdale Communities That Care’s focus is to develop a proactive approach to teach our young people to value and maintain healthy lifestyles and to model behavior that is respectful to adults, peers, and oneself. The after-school enrichment program opened in September of 1999 as a three day a week program at the Lakeside Elementary School. Due to community response, the program was expanded to five days a week by November of the same year. Since that time, the program has served an average of 88 students per year, 19% of whom are considered high-risk children.


In October of 2006, the After School Enrichment Program expanded again to include all elementary and Middle Schools in the Wayne Highlands School District. The program serviced approximately 300 students from 3:00-6:00 and ran concurrently with the 21st Century after school program provided by the WHSD. Currently CTC serves children in Lakeside Elementary School.


CTC Today


CTC continues to serve third through fifth graders at the Lakeside Elementary School. The program focuses on helping students with their schoolwork, but also provides a fun, safe environment for students during the after-school hours. CTC has a close relationship with the faculty, staff, and administration of the Lakeside Elementary School, where we work together to help serve our students. CTC also does more than just help with homework. The program also runs activities and crafts with our students, and works with community partners to hold special trips, events, and learning opportunities for our students. One other aspect of CTC which shows true community focus is the volunteers that spend time at CTC. Many students from seventh through twelfth grades come to CTC to volunteer their time to help with the program. The middle and high schoolers help with schoolwork, play games, and do crafts with the CTC students, in addition to helping the CTC staff with many other aspects of the program.


CTC is committed to helping our community grow by serving the students who become involved in the program. The program provides a welcoming place where students can succeed and grow as future leaders of our community. CTC is a non-profit organization which provides scholarships to any families who need its services but may have a difficult time paying for the program.


The pride CTC takes in the work they do with our students on a daily basis is evident to WHEA, and we are proud to support CTC as we continue to work together to help our students.