HONESDALE—In light of the completed construction on the new Human Resources Foundation (HRF) headquarters and Human Resources Center (HRC) service location at 1006 Church Street, Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary Dennis M. Davin toured the facility Wednesday morning.

Utilizing $325,000 in community funds collected through DCED's Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Special Priorities Grant, HRF renovated the early 19th-century building to make way for a new headquarters, Community Integrated Employment Programs, Small Group Employment Services, and Adult Day Programs.

Community sponsors included The Dime Bank, Wayne Bank, Honesdale National Bank, FNCB Bank and AM Skier Insurance Agency.

NAP provides tax credits to businesses who invest in local community development projects.

Statewide, funding for last year was $18 million. This amount doubled this year, allowing for $36 million in available tax credits for businesses who invest in said projects.

“It's a good way for the local banks or insurance companies or organizations to feel good about themselves for investing in their own community,” said Davin. “So we think it's a win-win for everybody.”

Businesses can apply for tax credits up to 75 percent of their contribution. For the 1006 Church Street project, tallying all community contributions, the tax credit pool is $243,750.

NAP funds helped pay for renovations to the exterior, interior and basement.

This included new shingles, siding, gutters, insulation, expanded porch and first-floor kitchen, replaced windows and woodwork, renovated bathrooms, the addition of three new bathrooms and a sick room, new electrical, plumbing and mechanical work, and other renovations.

With all the construction said and done, HRF hopes to relocate and HRC plans to have its programs installed in February.

HRF Director Jennifer Spitler explained the last thing they're waiting on before moving in is final approval of their operational license for the new location.

The official Grand Opening is planned for Friday, May 17.

“It's been over a year in the making, so we're definitely ready to have everyone downtown,” said Spitler.

In total, there will be an expected 14 employees and 15 clients using the premises on a daily basis.

Operated out of the first floor, a community-integrated program will see 15 clients “...that will come here every day and go out into the community [to] do volunteer work,” Explained Darlene Glynn, CEO of HRC. “We're over at the Cooperage. We're at the animal shelter. We're at a number of different places and plus, [we'll] be integrated into town, into the stores into the Y...”

Glynn explained the space will also be used for teaching programs, including cooking skills.

Noting the expanded kitchen space, Glynn said, “We'll plan a menu and we'll go to the grocery store. They'll learn how to use coupons and we'll do our shopping and we'll come back. We'll do meal prep. We'll cook and have lunch.”

“This is just one small part of what the Human Resources Center does,” Glynn added.

In its 45th year of operation, HRC provides numerous services to individuals in Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Wayne, Carbon, Monroe, Pike and part of Northampton counties.

Glynn noted services include group homes and life sharing programs for those with disabilities, vocational training centers, job coaches, home-based programs working daily with 250 families with a variety of services, and school-based programs attending to over 300 students, community-based programs and training programs like Project SEARCH.

More information about the HRF and HRC can be found on their websites: www.humanresourcesfoundation.com and www.hrcinc.org.