WAYNE COUNTY—Start of the year business flowed as usual in the Wayne County Commissioners office for the first two meetings of 2019.

On January 3, Commissioners Brian Smith, Wendell Kay and Joseph Adams passed final approval on the 2019 Tax Anticipation Note.

After review by the solicitor, the county awarded Honesdale National Bank's low bid of 1.2 percent interest on the county's $2.5 million maximum Tax Anticipation Note, expected to provide steady cash flow until tax revenue is collected later this year.

The note will be paid back before the end of the year.

In a separate matter from January 3, the commissioners approved Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding totaling $129,868.

ESG funding is utilized for implementation of the Rapid Rehousing Program, aimed at helping homeless individuals and families in the county get back on their feet an in a permanent residence.

Clerical business for the county involved approving a $0.50 per mile compensation rate for employees' personal use of a vehicle on county business.

Also approved was the Wayne County 2019 pay schedule, approval of classification and title changes, salary approval for full time employees, part-time and per diem starting rates, and salary adjustments for Human Services employees.

January 10 meeting

The Commissioners signed a grant agreement for the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Hazardous Material Emergency Planning and Response Fund.

Totaling $8,926.10, the grant is earmarked for planning the county's response to potential incidents involving hazardous material.

The Commissioners also approved consultant agreements totaling $5,000 each,with Amanda Crane and Faith Phillips of Systems of Care.

Crane acts as consultant for the Youth Network and Phillips for the Family Network.

The stipends were coming directly through Managed Care Organization (MCO), but the provider asked the County to take over contracting the agreements for this year, explained County Chief Clerk Vicky Botjer.

The funding for the stipends still comes from MCO but is now allocated to the county through its program funds.

In a separate matter, the commissioners also approved several board appointments on January 10.

Al Bucconear and Peter Ridd were appointed to three-year terms on the Wayne County Planning Commission.

Bucconear is the representative for Canaan and Clinton townships. Ridd is the representative for Cherry Ridge, South Canaan and Texas townships.

In a separate matter, the Commissioners approved the appointment of Scott Rickard to a four-year term serving on the Wayne Health and Hospital Authority.