Science Olympiad Team Shines at NY Invitational

On Saturday, December 8, North Pocono’s varsity Science Olympiad Team had their opening competition in Syracuse New York at Fayettville-Manlius High School. Team A finished 3rd and Team B finished 8th overall. The following students placed top 6 in their events. Medals were given for top 3 in each event.

6th place

Codebusters - Emily Leggiero and David Alunni

5th place

Chemistry Lab - Catherine Clancy and Tim Pickarski

Protein Modeling - Kaili Brooks, Jason Chen, and Danielle McNutt

4th place

Anatomy - Kelsey Kline and Katie Purcell

Boomilever - Keegan Napolitano and Mickey Smith

Designer Genes - Kelsey Kline and Jimmy Bianchi

Disease Detectives - Kelsey Kline and Katie Purcell

Dynamic Planet - Kelley Troutman and Aidan Newman

3rd place

Experimental Design - Keegan Napolitano, James Docalovich, and Emily Leggiero

Sounds of Music - Katie Purcell and Tim Pickarski

Astronomy - Jason Chen and Aidan Newman

Boomilever - Nikhil Patel and Amanda Brundage

Forensics - Macenzie Powell and Kelley Troutman

Mission Possible - Kaili Brooks and Jack Krehely

2nd place

Mission Possible - Emily Leggiero and David Alunni

Thermodynamics - James Docalovich and Tim Pickarski

1st place

Write It Do It - Kaili Brooks and Ben Thompson