WAYNE COUNTY – There’s just something about cooking that takes the mind to a better place. Perhaps Julia Child said it best: “Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”

Concocting culinary delights while finding yourself in deep routed metaphors can be therapeutic... maybe this is why so many of us find ourselves in the kitchen throughout the season. What better way to share this feeling than in the company of family and friends?

Well over 100 local area seniors from Honesdale, Hamlin and Hawley were treated to a special Cooking Class at Woodloch Resort on Monday, December 10th.

With the assistance of Avery Transportation of Beach Lake, dozens of seniors were picked up and brought via coach to Woodloch. There, Chef Dave Nordenhold and Social Director Joey Ranner shared recipes, cooking tips, and lots of great laughs.

“We’ve been very fortunate in 60 years of business to belong to such a loving community,” said John Kiesendahl, owner. “It genuinely warms the soul to be able to give back and share some smiles.”

The duo of Nordenhold and Ranner have been entertaining the masses with their midweek cooking classes for almost 30 years. “We switch things up a few times each year and try to keep things fresh,” said Ranner. “There’s always new cooking gadgets and food trends that we try to weave with Woodoch’s proud cooking traditions! Dave (Nordenhold) is not only one of my closest friends but also one of the most creative guys I know as far as culinary skills.”

This year’s class followed a hearty “Warm the Winter” theme. Stuffed peppers, Tortellini Bacon Broccoli Salad, Chicken Tetrazzini Soup and Rhubarb Strawberry Crunch were not only prepared for the live audience but immediately afterwards served to the group.

“We hope our friends enjoyed their time, and got to experience a little bit of our hospitality,” said Joey Ranner! “We have a great holiday tradition rolling here... and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back next year!”