MILFORD - At the December Milford Council meeting, President Luke FRANK Tarquinio stated that the borough has been contacted to participate with Westfall Township and Milford Township who have already decided to go ahead with a study to explore the feasibility of extending central sewage possibly into the borough.

The cost of the proposed study under the request from the other two municipalities would be split equally among each at a cost of $37,000.

There is a grant that will be available for application in May 2019 to help fund the study, but Westfall and Milford Townships don’t want to wait to begin thereby putting pressure on Milford to participate now or face the possibility of incurring substantially increased costs in the future. Council Vice President Kameen, along with others, feel that the one-third cost share is inequitable based on population and the number properties that would be serviced by the system. The money, if approved, would come from the Capitol Fund.

Councilwoman Adriene Wendell made a motion to join the other municipalities in support of the study, but either at a negotiated lower rate or with help of funding from the Milford Water Authority, the County of Pike, a loan from Westfall Township. The motion was seconded by Luke Turano and more discussion followed.

President Tarquinio stated that 20 years ago the same discussion was offered with the Milford Borough declining to join the pact. Kameen stated that she didn’t want to come off as not supporting the sewer study, but rather felt like the urgency of the matter was problematic.

The matter did not come up for a vote.

The PA Act 537 Sewage Facility Act study is the pre-cursor to government loans to move the project forward and without it the project would die unfunded.

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