HONESDALE—Wayne County Solicitor Lee Krause announced at the Board of Commissioners meeting last Thursday, November 15, that the injunction hearing regarding the Hankins Pond Dam received another continuance, allowing deliberations to continue until May 15.

Senior Judge Raymond Hamill granted the joint motion that morning, less than a week before the commissioners were set to meet with representatives from The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA-DEP) in court.

Krause noted all attorneys involved in the case “...have agreed to cooperate and try to work this out ... short of breaching the dam.”

He further noted the ultimate goal is to “...come up with some solution keeping the integrity and the architectural value to the community and also not affect or risk any lives downstream.”

Krause noted the extension allows enough time for all parties to further investigate options and perform all necessary engineering studies to arrive at a solution.

Commissioner Wendell Kay thanked Krause for the update, noting “It is very important to us as Commissioners... and very important to not just residents in northern Wayne County, but residents all over the county will take an active interest in this historic structure.”

“We are continuing to complete our due diligence,” Kay added. “We have professional engineers that are looking at it on our behalf and we do hope to share that information with both the Fish & Boat Commission and the DEP with a view towards finding a mutually amicable resolution of this matter.”

Commissioner Joseph Adams added, “The engineers have done site work for the first leg of producing the scientific information to hopefully come to resolution. That has happened and additional engineering and scientific work will be needed and that gives us plenty of time to do that.”

CDBG revision

At the November 15 meeting, the Commissioners approved the reallocation of $6,342.05 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding from completed 2014 projects to ongoing projects funded in 2015.

Leftover funds included $3,417.21 from a Canaan Township road project and $2,924.84 from a Hawley Borough Road improvement project which concluded under their anticipated budgets.

All $6,000 and change was reallocated to fund the ongoing elevator installation at the Stourbridge Project.

“We're very happy to have two projects come under budget so that we can reallocate to our elevator project at Stourbridge.” said Adams in moving to reassign the funds.

Other business

The commissioners also submitted a formal application on behalf of the Hawley Silk Mill for funds through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant.

The application was for $1 million with a local share match to fund a $2 million renovation project in the Silk Mill.

The county is not supplying local share funds, merely acting as a passthrough applicant.

In a separate matter, the County recommended Walter Garing for a four-year term as Farmer Director on the Wayne Conservation District Board and appointed Brian Smith to a one-year term as the Commissioner representative on that board.

Recommendations were advanced to the state level for approval or denial.

Separately again, the commissioners approved the hiring of Joseph Hinkley, Joseph Fuga, Matthew Veina, Sam Hickey, and Elijah Nekigh as part-time corrections officers at a rate of $13.50 per hour.

These hirings were effective from Monday, November 19.