At Tri-Gal 4-H Clubs November 4th meeting, the club put together Big Brother/Big Sister bags for the Wayne Memorial Hospital New Beginnings Birthing Unit.

The bags will be given to older siblings with new baby in the family.

Play-Doh, bubbles, crayons, putty, a game, pencils, erasers, Beanie Baby, and other fun things were placed in each bag, Mary Jeanne Joyal, a nurse from New Beginnings at Wayne Memorial Hospital came to collect them.

She also did a presentation on health and safety during cold and flu season and protecting infants and the elderly from RSV.

She gave the club masks, gloves, lotion, soap, tissues and activity books.

At this meeting, the club also did an activity that put everybody, including adults, into groups. Everyone had their own individual fun size M and M bag.

Our leaders asked us to pull out a certain color, like green, and then named a topic such as your favorite community service projects. For ever green M and M in your bag, you had to name a community service project that you like best. When finished with each color topic, you got to eat that color.

This activity taught us about diversity right in our club and helped us get to know one another better!

If you are interested in joining for 4-H or becoming an adult volunteer, please contact a Penn State Extension office near you.

The Wayne County office phone number is (570 253-5970 ext.4110.

New member enrollment for Wayne County ends December 1.