HONESDALE – Beginning last fall, Pennsylvania revamped its Civil Service Commission and the recommendation of qualified candidates. Juliann Doyle, who acts as Civil Service coordinator for Wayne County, said for the vast majority of jobs listed on the state website (www.employment.pa.gov), candidates must test and receive a score for a specific job once posted.

The test questions deal primarily with training and qualifications, with candidates needing to retest for each specific job opening.

However, for the County Caseworker 1 and Clerk/Typist 1 (Local Government), candidates are encouraged to take the necessary test and receive a score in advance, then apply for specific county jobs as they are posted on the site. These are entry level positions, and vacancies are relatively common.

Caseworkers may be employed by both Children & Youth Services and the Behavioral Health Program, while Clerk/Typist 1 are hired in most of the county Human Services departments. Once individual jobs are posted, the window for applying for these positions will last just two weeks.

If you need assistance in applying for a Civil Service position in Wayne County, contact Julian Doyle at 570-253-4262 or email jdoyle@waynecountypa.gov.