HAMLIN—The Sergeant Paul A Sweeney American Legion Post 807 in Hamlin kicked off its new year operations last Thursday evening with the induction of its new post officers.

In the absence of American Legion District 15 Commander, Deputy District Commanders Tim French and Jim English swore in the officers.

“My comrades, you have been chosen by your comrades to fill the various offices of Staff Sergeant Paul A Sweeney Post 807,” said French, the post's former commander, to the inductees. “You will, I know, vindicate the trust that has been imposed upon you and fulfill in every way the obligations which that trust entails.”

Reminding the officers of their responsibility, French stated, “... You must know the welfare and success of this post depends largely on you and you must also know upon your shoulders equally rests the burden of preserving the integrity of the American Legion.”

The post's Commander this year is Walt Hyzer, a former commander at a post in North Carolina.

At the meeting, Commander Hyzer noted he'd like to focus on membership and forging a stronger camaraderie and participation in the post affairs.

“One of the challenges of the post is getting the members of the post to participate in the post,” said the new commander. “I want to try something a little different, that maybe we can encourage some people to come out.”

Starting with the next meeting, Hyzer hopes to introduce the element of a pot-luck dinner to entice more of the post's 150+ members to take part in the Legion's activities.

Charging Hyzer with the duties of his office, French stated, “You are more than the presiding officer for meetings. You are guided by the constitution and by the decisions of the post as a body, yet the responsibility for the success of the year's programming lands largely on your shoulders.”

Other officers installed that night included:

• First Vice Commander, Jim English

• Adjutant, John Gaudenzi

• Finance Officer, Annamaria Coughlin-McAleer

• Sargent at Arms One, Joseph Esposito

• Service Officer Clay Cole

• Historian, Mary Lou French

• Chaplain One, Joel Ostro

• Chaplain Two, Dale Pepper

• Judge Advocate, Tim French.

New Member

In addition to installing new officers for the year, Post 807 also welcomed Mike Moleski into their numbers.

Transferring from Hastings, New York, Moleski is an Army veteran who served during the Vietnam War.

Commander Hyzer swore Moleski in with an oath sworn before all members present.