HONESDALE -- Josephine Tramutola turned 100 years old on Tuesday, July 17, and Friday she was presented with citations from the PA State Senate and the PA House of Representatives during the Summer Picnic for consumers at the Hawley and Hamlin Senior Centers, held at Lake Genero.

Born Josephine Mary Buonerba in Bronx, NY, her parents died when she was very young, and she was raised by her grandparents Josephine and Joseph. In high school, she took care of ailing grandmother until she passed away.

She was married to Dominic Cerrto for 23 years, had two children, Joseph and, Carmela. After Dominic died, she married Weddy Tramutola and they spent another 23 years. She worked for Blue Cross/Blue Shield for approximately 25 years until she retired.

 Five years ago, she moved in with her grandson Joe Meglio and his wife, Donna, of Masthope and regularly attends the Hawley Center.

She has 7 Grandchildren, 17 Great Grandchildren and three Great-Great-Grandchildren.

Josephine claims she has enjoyed such longevity on plenty of salt and butter. She also chalks it up her faith in Jesus and having come from good stock.

The Commissioners also declared it Josephine’s day in Wayne County to mark the occasion.