Do you remember the movie Dr. Dolittle in which the main character had the ability to speak to and understand animals?

This was Brenda Seldin’s favorite movie growing up so it’s no wonder she eventually became her own Dr. Dolittle, telepathically communicating with animals since 2004. Clients contact her to find out how their pets are doing, for help with behavioral, health or end-of-life issues, and to speak in spirit to animal companions that have passed on. She also offers energy healing for animals.

On July 26 at 5:30 pm at Hawley Public Library, Brenda will explain how animal communication works, sharing what she has learned from animals and some of the more interesting experiences with them, and finally, leading you on a short exercise to help you connect to the animals in your life and around you.

For more information about Brenda and her services, visit her website:

Hawley Public Library is located at 103 Main Ave, Hawley PA 18428. For more information call the library at 570.226.4620.