HONESDALE— On June 5, Senior Judge Raymond L. Hamill sentenced Gaspare Gambino, 35 of Honesdale, to a period of 180 days to 60 months less one day in the Wayne County Correctional Facility for six counts of Invasion of Privacy (M-2) to which he plead guilty on April 12 of this year.

Additionally, Gambino must register his home and work address annually for the next 15 years as he is now a Megan's Law Offender.

While employed as a teacher at Honesdale High School, Gambino took numerous photographs of students on his school-issued iPad, six of which the District Attorney's (DA) Office determined “depicted the clothed but intimate areas of female students which were not intended to be visible by normal public observation,” as stated in a DA release.

These pictures came to light last September, prompting the district to immediately place him on administrative leave pending the investigation.

Gambino's employment was terminated in February 2018.

As part of his plea deal, Gambino relinquished his teaching certificate, “and is now permanently barred from reinstatement or education employment eligibility,” states the DA's release.

Presenting the case before Judge Hamill, prosecuting attorney, Senior Deputy District Attorney, Kathleen Martin, quoted statements from the victims which read they felt “violated and disgusted” by Gambino's actions and were unsure if they could ever trust a teacher again.

Martin further stated “Gambino violatd the trust not only of these students, but also of the Wayne Highlands School District and the entire Wayne County community.”

Gambino's attorney, Peter Paul Olszewski, explained Gambino acknowledge his guilt from the get-go, understood the degree to which he disappointed numerous individuals in the community, and has since sought understanding of how he got there and how to better himself through therapy.

Gambino himself stated he failed in his duty to create a safe and educational experience for his students.

He said, “I should have done better by them. I'm afraid they won't know how sorry I am. The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt someone. To know that that happened tears at me every day.”

“You've got a lot of work to do,” said the Judge, alluding to Gambino's therapeutic attempts to better himself.

In a press release later issued, DA Patrick Robinson stated, “High-tech voyeurs such as Gambino will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The impact of someone taking abusive photographs will not be downplayed and will not be tolerated.”

In the same release, Martin further stated, “While technology enhances our ability to educate and works to keep us all more connected, it also requires law enforcement officials to be diligent in the investigation and prosecution of those who choose to violate our children and our trust. Thanks to the efforts of WHSD and PSP, Gambino is no longer in a position to harm our children.”