The Wayne County 4-H program hosted an Animal Science Camp for all members on Saturday, June 3, 2018 and Sunday, June 4, 2018 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. A total of 92 4-H members attended on Saturday, to complete their Quality Assurance Management training.

This training is a requirement for all members enrolled in animal projects to complete, in order to exhibit their animal projects at the fair this August. The training consisted of topics such as: proper animal well-being, biosecurity, and animal management plans.

After members completed their Quality Assurance Management training, about 50 of the individuals participated in activities such as the Stockman’s or Dairy Quiz Bowl competitions.

These competitions test the member’s knowledge on a wide variety of topics in the agriculture industry, including: animal breeds, meat science, feed and forage, equipment and feed ingredient identification, animal health, and much more. All of the children who participated performed exceptionally well and were presented with useful prizes to utilize for their animal projects.

The final event on Saturday consisted of livestock species specific workshops, including, hogs, goats, sheep, beef and dairy cattle. The members were able to choose which workshop they attended, each covered the specific specie proper nutritional needs, every day care, and health.

The workshops were led by past and current 4-H members including: Amanda Rutledge with the discussion of beef cattle, Dr. Robyn Terrel the lecture on hogs, 4-H Educator Chelsea Hill the dairy cattle discussion, and Summer Assistant, Molly Franc and current 4-H member Emma Diliberti, both, for the sheep and goat nutrition. The workshops allowed the 4-H’ers to ask questions and gain more knowledge about a particular species in which they are or plan to show at the Wayne County Fair in the future.

On Sunday, about 40 members of the 4-H program attended and participated in the Animal Science Mock Show. In the morning, participants were taught and assisted in the techniques of how to properly wash, clip, exhibit, and show their animal species through the showmanship clinics.

The members were also taught proper show ring etiquette, and how to present their animal in the best way. The clinics were led by past and current 4-H members including: Makayla Stone for the beef cattle clinic, Emma Diliberti and Brianna Smith for the goat clinic, Andy Theobald for the dairy cattle clinic, Rachel Oliver for the sheep clinic, and Brianna Metschulat for the hog clinic.

The final event of the weekend was a mock showmanship competition.

This involved the member’s preparation and the use of the skills learned in the morning showmanship clinics to be applied in a show ring environment. The members were given the chance to “show” their newly gained knowledge in a mock show put together to help the members experience how a show at the fair is organized. The livestock competition was judged by Jacqui Billard, and the Dairy competition was judged by Andy Theobald.

A special thank you to both of the judges for taking the time out of their schedules for this event. Both, Jacqui and Andy did an exceptional job. During the show they took the time to explain to the members what they performed well and what they could improve upon with their showmanship skills.

We would also like to acknowledge the following for their donations and/or participation in this year’s Wayne County 4-H Animal Science Camp: Tractor Supply Company in Honesdale, Wayne County Junior 4-H Livestock Sale Committee, Zach Jones, Amanda Rutledge, Dr.Robyn Terrel,  Jaqui Billard, Andy, Amy and Chuck Theobald at Creamworks, Hardler Farm, Makayla Stone, Rachel Olver, Barbara Reed, Anthony Gately,  Brianna Smith, Emma Diliberti, and Brianna Metschulat. THANK YOU for making this weekend a success for our local 4-H program, it is greatly appreciated!