Pleasant Mount Emergency Services is proud to announce the arrival of their new 2018 Road Rescue type I Ambulance.

The new ambulance will replace the 14 year old ambulance purchased in 2004 and will provide a much smoother, quieter and safer ride for patients and crew.

Built on a Ford 550 four wheel drive chassis the module is 170" long, has a fluid ride suspension and is equipped with a Stryker power load patients loading system.

Once a patient is on the stretcher, he or she is fastened using a five point harness.

The stretcher will lift the patient to the height of the truck where the loading system will lock into the stretcher and lift it into the ambulance.

This makes for a safer and smooth transition for the patient and saves the crew the strain of lifting patients from ground level into the ambulance.

Pleasant Mount ES sought and received permission from Mount Pleasant Township to apply for the Local Share Grant for funding of the purchase. Pleasant Mount ES personnel wrote the grant and received word in February 2017 that PMES was awarded the grant.

The local Share grant covered about 2/3 of the cost of the ambulance and the Office of the State Fire commission EMS grant is being used to pay for the loading system over several years.

Pleasant Mount ES will be conducting a capital campaign to pay off the balance of the purchase. Donations may be made at our website

Pleasant Mount Emergency Services would like to thank Mount Pleasant Township supervisors for their cooperation and help throughout this project.

We would also like to thank Representative Johnathan Fritz, Senator Lisa Baker and Congressman Tom Marino for their support.