The Wayne Highlands Education Association (WHEA) has announced that Human Resources Center, Inc. is the recipient of its March 2018 WHEA Community Outreach Program Grant.

A check for $1000 was delivered by WHEA President Todd D. Miller to Darlene Glynn, Chief Executive Officer of Human Resources Center recently at Damascus Elementary and Middle School.

The mission of HRC is to provide individualized support to all people, regardless of their “abilities.”

HRC works to promote meaningful life choices, encourage self-advocacy, independence, and community inclusion.

Its vision is to build a community right here in Wayne County that embraces our own individual uniqueness and promotes community acceptance, strength and equality for future generations.

HRC is a not-for-profit corporation that has been in existence since October 1973.

The agency’s purpose, according to Ms. Glynn, is “to provide opportunities which encourage growth in each individual, so that each may reach her greatest potential.”

Human Resources Center offers a variety of residential settings for individuals with special needs, including supervised community homes, home and community based services, and lifesharing.

Vocational and day program services offer training, employment, and social recreational activities.

A typical day at the Our Place Adult Training Facility may include discussing current events over morning coffee, computer time, arts and crafts, and cooking.

Outings to parks, farms, movie theaters, or shopping are often on the calendar of activities.

There are also Vocational and Community Options, including classroom times for study of math and reading, but also computer skills and exploring carious job interests.

Volunteering offers participants new experiences, opportunity to meet new people, explore new hobbies or jobs all while reaping the benefits of giving back to the community.

HRC Manufacturing’s focus is to develop the skills and abilities of every employee to reach his greatest potential.

All employees receive real pay for their work because they are working at real jobs.

Their work experiences, such as assembly operations and packaging, collating and document shredding, are combined with job training and vocational counseling.

Talented HRC employees have helped transform facilities from a place of employment for “special” people to simply, a special place of employment for people.

Transition services which are offered through HRC include a school to work program.

Beginning at age 14 this program works hand in hand with local school districts like Wayne Highlands, providing students with a smooth transition to life after high school graduation.

Assistance varies with each student, but each student explores job interests and develops skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment.

Students learn the value of communication, teamwork, and problem solving and time management.

Some students continue to receive support from HRC after graduation through HRC’s Community Employment Program.

“People helping people, that’s what HRC is all about!” commented Mr. Miller.

WHEA appreciates the vital services that HRC provides for our students and their families.