WAYNE & PIKE COUNTIES — A Honesdale man was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) due to “...a report of ongoing workplace sexual harassment involving a supervisor (accused) and a clerk (victim).”

According to the affidavit, filed April 6 by PSP Corporal Eric McAndrew, John Jeffrey Corrigan, 50, of Honesdale, is accused of making terroristic threats, stalking, harassment and indecent assault of a 22-year-old female.

On April 6, Trooper Edward Sparrow advised McAndrew that the victim spoke with PSP Blooming Grove and stated “...that she was having problems with her supervisor, the defendant John Corrigan.”

The victim related she and Corrigan both work for a PennDOT office based in Pike County.

The victim stated that starting in October 2017, “...Corrigan began making sexual comments toward her during her shift,” adding that the “...jokes included comments about raping her and having sex with her dead and/or unconscious body if necessary.”

The victim reported “...Corrigan took his obsession with her further by touching her inappropriately, stalking her, and terrorizing her continuously.”

The victim provided printouts that show “...Corrigan used his state provided email to send multiple inappropriate messages over a period of time,” court papers show.

The affidavit states an email dated Mar. 12, 2018 from Corrigan to the victim stated, “'Yo, just awesome, pretty woman'; and contained a picture from her Facebook account.”

An email from Mar. 20, 2018, again sent from Corrigan to the victim, stated “'Just went past your place' and contained a picture of the entrance to her community.”

“Another e-mail from from Mar. 28, 2018 shows a picture of her house on Google Maps and a picture of female underwear.”

The victim provided Sparrow with a Commonwealth Employee Witness Statement, which was filled out on April 5.

The statement “...further indicated that Corrigan had stated such things as 'If you try to leave I will kill you' in reference to her trying to leave the location for a new position.”

The accused was arraigned before Judge Muir in Hawley, where bail was set at $30,000 and he was lodged in the Pike County Prison. He posted bail on April 7 and was released.

Corrigan was ordered to have no contact with the victim pending the outcome of the case.