CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Discussion of how to disburse the Foreign Fire Tax Monies arose at the February meeting of The Clinton Township Board of Supervisors.

The supervisors deliberated the best way to split the $14,481.69 between the Prompton, Waymart and Browndale fire companies for the services they provide keeping township residents safe.

According to the official meeting minutes, Supervisor Russell Curtis suggested giving Waymart and Prompton $1,000 each and the remainder to Browndale, while Chairman Kenneth Coles suggested each receive $4,800.

“Vice Chair [Brian Non] commented that he wished we had $15,000 to give to each of the companies,” state the minutes.

Browndale Fire Chief Josh Debevec stated the department uses the money for equipment not fuel and notified the supervisors that “... he had five new guys wanting to serve and he had to tell them he couldn't afford boots for them,” state the minutes.

Brian Acler from Prompton Fire Company also spoke at the meeting, explaining the company is financially responsible and not a manned station due to their serving a smaller area.

The supervisors ultimately decided by unanimous vote to award $1,000 each to Prompton and Waymart fire companies and $12,481.69 to Browndale.

Later that meeting, during Browndales Fire Company's report, Chief Debevec stated the volunteer-run company would soon need a new fire apparatus, “...the cost of which would fall to volunteer fund raising to the tune of five hundred thousand dollars for a new truck,” state the minutes.

The minutes further note that Debevec stated only 10 percent of the township's residents tend to donate in fund drives.

The chief explained, “Up to this point they have always existed without the support of tax money, but it is getting harder and harder to do so.”

The minutes state Chair Coles advised the department to create a ten-year plan for the supervisors to review and consider what amount of tax could be levied which “...would not be a shock to the citizens.”

New Playground Equipment

The Board of Supervisors are seeking grant funding through the state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to replace some old playground equipment located outside the Township Building.

According to Chairman Coles, the equipment was turned over with the purchase of the building sometime in the '80s.

After years of use and general wear and tear, he noted the time has come to replace it as it is no longer safe for recreational use.

“Hopefully we'll get the grant here soon,” he said.

The chairman stated the board has not decided what the new equipment will be as it will depend on price and acquisition of the grant.

He noted the equipment will likely be standard playground attractions such as a merry-go-round, teeter-totters and swings.

Coles explained much of the groundwork in pursuing the new equipment was laid by former supervisor, Dan Droppa.

Clinton Township requested a letter of support from the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

The county officials granted the request at their regular business meeting, held March 22.