HONESDALE—At their recent meeting held last Thursday morning, March 29, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners lauded five dedicated county employees who each served the public for 15 years or longer.

Such accolades are given out quarterly to those deserving of their merit.

Vicki O'neill-Wetmore of the Domestic Relations Office received commendations for her 25 years of service to Wayne County.

James Dexheimer from the county's Maintenance Department was praised for serving 20 years.

Nancy Tallman, a worker in the Prothonotary's office, received recognition for working in the county 15 years.

Karen Yamialkowski of the Register and Recorder's Office was also recognized for having worked 15 years in the county.

Stephen Knash, Wayne County Engineer, was also lauded for 15 years' service as a county employee.

Knash was unable to make it to the meeting.

In thanking those assembled for their service, Board Chairman Brian Smith noted, “This is something that I think everyone should take as an example. I think [the county] is a great place to work, but more importantly, it is serving the public and it is something that I hope you take pride in...cuz you all have done a great job.”

Adding to that sentiment, Commissioner Wendell Kay stated it is often a rarity to see individuals remain in one company or area of employment for extended periods of time.”

“That's very unusual,” he said, “especially in this day and age.”

Kay noted they stand as examples in that “... there is some continuity in your offices and in your departments and the fact that you have shown and demonstrated a commitment … not just to the county but to the idea of excellence in what you do...”

Commissioner Joseph Adams stated the group's commitment is “... very, very noticeable here.”

“You care very deeply about what you do, you believe in it, you understand what you add to the county's operation, what you add to the county as a whole.”

After the commissioners offered their thanks and praise, O'neill-Wetmore stated, “I'd like to thank the county for being such a wonderful place to work, truly.”

From the gallery, Debby Bates stated “As Karen's supervisor, I've noticed that a lot of the public deals with them on the front lines before they ever reach us, the elected official, or the department head, and it makes our job a little easier knowing that we have such valuable employees out there.”