VARDEN—The Western Wayne School District (WWSD) Board of Directors recognized the studious efforts of the district's Principal's List awardees for the most recent marking period.

“We have an outstanding list of students here tonight,” said Western Wayne High School Principal Paul Gregorsky. “They are the Principal's List students for the second marking period.”

Gregorsky explained Principal's List awardees are “... the students with the highest grade-point average in the marking period.

Ninth Grade awardees were top scorers Celeste Orchard and Leonard Maiocco, III.

For Tenth Grade, highest markers Syney Peet and Noelle Orehek were recognized for their accomplishments.

Juniors, Vaeda Pontosky and Allison Mattern, received accolades from the Board.

Finally, the Principal's List awardees from the senior class were Mallory Jablon and Tylea Alpaugh.

“I'd also like to recognize that Tylea was named as one of the top 25 scholastic superstars for the area, which is an outstanding accomplishment also,” said Gregorsky.

The honorees present each rose when called to collect a certificate from Board President Bernice Fiorella, commemorating their achievement.

They did so to the encouragement of thunderous applause from friends, family and community members present.

Public comment

The praise and encouragement continued on into the public comment portion of the meeting wherein two fathers stood and praised the Board and the district.

The first to speak, Todd Pope, present that night with his wife Veronica, lauded the district's compassion and assistance with his son's medical condition.

“I wanted to thank the teachers and all the support staff of the Western Wayne High School for the care and support that he received throughout the past 18 months,” said Pope.

“In terms of academics, my son would not have done as well without the efforts of the hard-working staff.”

Pope thanked music teacher Elaine Ort in particular for working with his son and helping him find an outlet as part of the school band.

Also speaking that night was Scott Jablon, father of the recently recognized Mallory Jablon.

“I'd like to express my kudos as well to the Board, the faculty, the community, and everybody basically in the Western Wayne/Lake Ariel area,” he said.

He noted an overall feeling of warmth and welcoming from the school and the community since arriving with his wife in the 90s.

“Hats off to everybody,” he said.

Following Pope and Jablon, Fiorella addressed the room: “We should be very proud of Western Wayne.

“Our students, everyone who is here tonight, you've struggled and tried so hard. And it's exciting to see what great things is in your future.”

Fiorella thanked the parents as well for their efforts in raising quality children.

Addressing the Western Wayne community and staff, she concluded, “Thank you all for the work that you're doing...I think we do have a top-notch school and it's just getting better.”