— TWI Staff Reports

WAYNE COUNTY — Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) investigated multiple incidents within the last two weeks.

A report filed by PSP Trooper Jamison Warner states police responded to a Texas Township crash on Feb. 28.

The collision occurred when a juvenile driver was traveling east bound on Route 6 approaching Beech Grove Road, “...where Joanne Shaw was stopped in traffic in the East Bound Lane.”

The juvenile driver “...failed to bring (the) vehicle under control and to a stop, and collided with the rear of Shaw's truck,” the report states.

Upon arrival at the scene “...Shaw states that a vehicle was making a left turn and had stopped, and there were a few vehicles stopped in front of her when she stopped.”

Shaw told police she watched the other vehicle “...coming up fast behind her...” and that the driver's “...head was down, not looking.”

The report states Shaw “...noticed (the driver) suddenly look up, but it was too late.

“(The driver) hit the brakes and skidded into the rear of her car.”

The report states a witness related to police “...that (the driver) appeared to be going really fast coming up behind the stopped traffic.”

Both occupants reported wearing seat belts at the time of the collision, and no one reported any injuries.

The report states a citation was filed against the juvenile driver for driving a vehicle at a safe speed.

State police investigated a case of retail theft that occurred on Mar. 10.

According to a report filed by Trooper Warner, the incident occurred at Walmart when Paul Reish, of Lakeville, was observed by a Walmart Asset Protection representative “...observed Reish remove a cell phone charger from a display and leave the electronics department.”

“They followed Reish and then observed him conceal the package under his coat before checking out and leaving the store without paying for the charger,” the report states.

Charges were filed with district court for retail theft.

Trooper Warner also investigated a report of harassment in Texas Township.

The report states the incident occurred when Gene Keesler, 68, “...confronted (a 14 year old juvenile) over a property issue with sledding.”

The juvenile actor “...pushed Keesler away from him and Keesler slipped on the packed snow, falling and injuring his wrist.”

The report states a citation for harassment against the juvenile is expected to be filed in district court.