HONESDALE--Given the glut of road-treatment materials built up on vehicles over an extended, blustery winter and the promise of spring creeping closer, now is an opportune time to take advantage of the detailing services offered by the newly established Auto Express Detailing business just off Route 6.

A subsidiary of Kitty Hawk Technologies, Auto Express Detailing is owned by retired veterans David and Robert Sohosky.

It has been operating since the end of January, open every day but Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Its Grand Opening and ribbon cutting will be this Friday, March 16.

Located on 2124 Roosevelt Highway, Auto Express Detailing has taken up shop in the historic building which once housed the Dick Budd service station and A&A Tire, explained General Manager Stanton Pratt.

“We are delighted to be the new caretakers of this historic location, bringing new life and vitality to and carrying on the tradition of customer service offered for so long by Mr. Budd,” states a release.

While not operating as a full service filling station, Auto Express Detailing carries on the tradition of an old-time exterior hand wash, as well as a full interior cleaning that attends to carpets, seats, and all sorts of nooks and crannies that, when finished, leave the car as close as possible to show-room quality, said Pratt.

“Our core business is serving the customers with helping preserve the value in their vehicle and to extend the life of that vehicle,” he explained.

Auto Express Detailing is also able to perform headlight restorations, utilizing a scrubbing compound to scour away scratches, increasing luminescence and subsequently visibility.

Pratt stated vehicle ownership is likely the “second biggest investment” individuals make in their lifetimes.

“To preserve them, you gotta keep 'em clean.”

Pratt noted clean vehicles can forestall rust, help the vehicle operate better and “... you know, it makes me feel better when I climb into a clean car than when it's a dirty car.”

With a full staff of ten borough-dwelling workers and a minimum of three at any given time, Auto Express Detailing can attend two vehicles at once in their double-bay station.

Simple washes, consisting of a typical body scrub, as well as window, wheel well, undercarriage and door jam cleaning, take around half an hour to complete with the more intensive detailing work taking a few hours.

A full detail will attend to a wash, wax, vinyl and rubber dressing, shampooed seats and carpets, and vacuuming.

Typically, a job will have a team on each side scrubbing and scrutinizing until they feel the job is done.

Teams then switch sides to review the other's work getting “two separate detail-oriented eyes on it,” said Pratt.

Team Supervisor Lisa Constable added, “And when we're done, I do a two-cloth inspection and I walk through your car with both of my hands and I check your car before it leaves this place.”

Constable stated the team takes its time with each cleaning, much to the delight of many customers they've had so far.

“...and we do pay attention to the little tiny details,” she said. “That's the point of this whole job.”

In addition to the attention to detail, part of the washing process includes extensive towel-drying and blow-drying to ensure no water is left on the vehicle, said Constable.

This makes mid-winter washes possible without ice buildup in unwanted places, she said.

Not limited to just car washing, Constable noted, “We can do ATVs, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, anything they can bring in on a trailer and I can wash, I'm washing it.”

Simple wash walk-ins are welcome, but to be sure the bays are cleared for an interior-exterior overhaul, appointments are requested.

Those looking to make an appointment can call Auto Express Detailing at 570-253-4500 or message them on Facebook.

Depending on the level of work done, prices can range from around $20 for a simple wash to $175 for a full detail, said Pratt.