Dunmore – State Police at Dunmore have some interstate travel tips for motorists in anticipation of the next approaching winter storm. For motorists who must travel during the next winter storm, prepare by having a full tank of fuel in your vehicle, pack water and snacks, have a fully charged cell phone, pack blankets and extra warm clothing, carry a shovel and cat litter for traction in your vehicle, give extra room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, drive slow and allow extra time for travel. If you become stuck on the interstate in a lane of travel or are involved in an accident, do not stand outside your vehicle in any lanes of travel. Never stop in lanes of travel if your visibility becomes impaired, pull safely onto a berm. Travelers often experience delays on interstate highways caused by accidents, and other traffic related incidents, that slow or stop traffic for extended periods of time in some cases. Be prepared for the worst case scenario!


If you must travel a significant distance, keep aware of changing conditions along the entire route. Where rain may be occurring in one area, may quickly turn into snow or ice along your route. Pay attention to travel warnings and adhere to recommendations made by local or state authorities. When possible, avoid interstate travel if conditions become too bad. Most accidents occur on interstate highways and traffic quickly backs up causing additional travel issues.