HONESDALE— The Honesdale Borough Police Department is investigating a brace of hit-and-run car accidents.
The first involved what the police believe to be a light gold or grey Subaru, possibly a Forester, which struck a 100-year-old granite block post and stone wall in Glen Dyberry Cemetery, states a release.
The accident caused significant damage to both the car’s right front bumper and the cemetery property.
“Cemetery staff are unaware of when the crash might have occurred, but the vehicle left some pieces on the scene,” according to the release.
Pieces of the car left on scene include a fog lamp and the shattered remains of the passenger-side window.
A second, unrelated hit and run happened February 24 just before 5 p.m.
According to a release, “...an unknown make, model or color vehicle, struck... (a) blue GMC SUV as it was turning right from 4th Street onto Church.”
The victim’s vehicle was struck in the front bumper and passenger-side door, injuring the individual seated on that side of the car.
Subhead: Illegal dumping
Honesdale Borough Police also found several personal items dumped in the parking lot of Apple Grove Park over the weekend.
Investigation is ongoing.
Honesdale Borough Council Parks and Recreations Chairperson Jim Jennings stated, “We’re disappointed to hear about the illegal dumping activities in Apple Grove.”
Incidents of this nature occur several times a year. Jennings noted police and Department of Public Works (DPW) officials are looking for identifying factors to uncover the culprit.
“We take pride in our Borough Parks,” said Jennings, encouraging visitors to enjoy them for their beauty, keep them clean and report any illegal activity they may happen across.
More information and pictures regarding the above-listed incidents is available on the Honesdale Borough Police Facebook Page.
Anyone with information regarding any of these incidents is asked to report it to the department at 570-253-1900.
Subhead: Arrest
Honesdale Borough Police arrested Josh Fuller, 32, of Equinunk on February 20.
Fuller was arrested on a Wayne County Domestic Relations warrant.
According to a release, “... an officer on patrol recognized Fuller, and he was taken into custody.”