HONESDALE — The Wayne County Recycling Center is now a ‘drop-off site’ for cell phones to be donated to Victims Intervention Program (VIP).

The Wayne County Recycling Center, off Route 652 between Beach Lake and Indian Orchard, already accepts a wide variety of materials including glass bottles, metal cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, magazines, scrap metal and textiles. Residents can also recycle appliances containing refrigerants and tires for a fee.

Now, the Recycling Center will accept old cell phones for VIP, which even without service plans, can be used for emergencies.

VIP Director Michele Minor Wolf said, “Cell phones with a battery and charger donated to VIP are kept on hand to be used as 9-1-1 phones in case of emergency for clients. Additionally, they are included in stalking kits. “

She also noted phones that VIP cannot use are sent to Smartphone Recycling where the agency receives a small stipend for each phone. “The stipends are used towards general operating expenses,” she explained.

Phones may be dropped off in the ‘Office’ at the Recycling Center.

For more information about recycling materials and the location of convenient drop off sites and dates, visit the Wayne County Recycling Center’s web page.