HARRISBURG – Over $320,000 in grants were awarded to fire and emergency services companies in the 111th Legislative District, according to Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R-Susquehanna/Wayne).

Companies received the funds as part of the annual grant program which is initiated through the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

“It is great to see many area fire companies investing in the future of their organizations through this grant program,” said Fritz.

“I appreciate the sacrifices of our first responders each and every day.”

The following organizations received funds during this round of allocations:

• Alert Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 (Fire Company) $12,833.30

• Browndale Fire Co. No. 1: $12,280.41

• Gouldsboro Ambulance Squad Inc. : $7,037.40

• Gouldsboro Volunteer Fire Co.: $14,123.37

• Greene Dreher Volunteer Fire Assoc.: $12,096.11

• Hamlin Fire & Rescue Co.: $12,280.41

• Hamlin Fire & Rescue Co. (EMS) $7,037.40

• Hawley Fire Department Inc.: $12,280.41

•Hose Company No. 1: $13,386.18

• Lake Ariel Fire Company: $12,649.00

• Lakeville Volunteer Fire Company: $11,543.23

• Ledgedale Volunteer Fire Company: $12,096.11

• Maplewood Fire and Rescue Company: $13,754.78

• Pleasant Mount Emergency Services: $7,037.40

• Pleasant Mount Emergency Services (Fire Company): $11,727.52

• Prompton Fire & Rescue Unit: $12,096.11

• Protection Engine Co. No. 3: $11,911.82

• Seelyville Fire Company: $11,727.52

• Texas No. 4 Fire Company: $13,386.18

• Volunteer FIre Company of Beach Lake: $12,096.11

• Waymart Volunteer Fire Company: $13,754.78

• Welcome Lake Fire and Rescue Inc.: $11,543.23

• White Mills FD: $11,543.23

• White Mills FD (EMS): $7,037.40

The Fire Company Ambulance Service Grant Program was initiated in 2000 and is funded by gaming revenue.

The program is open to all fire companies, ambulance services and rescue squads in Pennsylvania.

Grant awards can be used for construction or repair of facilities, purchase or repair of equipment, debt reduction and training.