HONESDALE—A jury found Antonio Cilino, 32, guilty Wednesday afternoon of Murder in the Third Degree, and three misdemeanors related to the shooting of Joseph Cilino, the defendant's brother.

The jury arrived at said conclusion after two hours and forty-five minutes of deliberation on the third day of trial.

Motion for bail was denied. Cilino was taken to be held at the Wayne County Correctional Facility to await sentencing scheduled for March 1, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.

A conviction of this magnitude carries with it a potential 20 to 40 year imprisonment.

“I was glad to see that the jury was able to see through the defendant's lies he testified in this trial,” stated District Attorney (DA) Pat Robinson, following what he dubbed “a well-considered verdict.”

Noting the presence of a protection-from-abuse order which the defendant ignored in pursuing the crime, the DA added, “...here's what happens when people don't follow the law and resort to violence.

“I'm glad to see the jury has taken a big step towards protecting the victims of domestic violence.”

When asked if the relation of the defendant to the victim complicated matters at all, Robinson stated, “The defendant did what he did, we prosecuted him, and the jury found him guilty. It wasn't all that complicated."