LEHIGH TOWNSHIP—Two men were arrested after a brutal assault led to the hospitalization of a pair of Wayne County residents and the eventual death of one of them.

Coneil Moore, 30, of Tobyhanna was arrested Dec. 11 on charges of Attempted Homicide (F1), Burglary (F1), Aggravated Assault (F2) and Simple Assault (two counts, M2), state court papers.

Likewise, court papers state Darian Jemal Daniels, 24, of Mount Pocono, was arrested Wednesday on charges of Homicide, Burglary and Aggravated Assault, all Felony charges of the first degree.

According to a release from the Wayne County District Attorney's (DA) Office, the pair were part of an assailant quartet who left Joseph Stengline, Jr. and Joseph Stengline, Sr. hospitalized after an attack on December 8.

As stated in investigating officer Chief Detective Peter Hower's affidavit, Lehigh Township Police Sergeant Daily and Officer Price responded to a 911 call at a Gouldsboro residence on December 8 where they found Stengline, Jr. bleeding in a doorway from a head injury and nursing a broken shoulder.

Two other men were also found unharmed outside the residence.

Upon entering, police found the house in disarray with Stengline, Sr. “lying on his right side in the home bleeding form his head and face,” states the DA's release.

Both Stenglines were admitted to Geisinger Medical Center in Scranton to address their myriad injuries including Jr.'s multiple head lacerations and broken should, and Sr.'s brain herniation and numerous broken ribs.

Stengline, Jr. recovered and was later released.

Stengline, Sr. passed away as a result of his injuries on December 13.

In light of Stengline, Sr.'s passing, the DA's release states Moore's Attempted Homicide will be modified at his Central Court appearance on December 20 at 9 a.m.

Both Moore and Daniels are detained in the Wayne County Correctional Facility on $750,000 bail. Daniels is also set to appear in Central Court on December 20.

According to the DA's press release “It was found through interviews and evidence presented that this incident was the result of drug dealing and interactions over drugs, namely marijuana and crack cocaine.”

As shown in the DA's release and police affidavits, interviews with Stengline, Jr. and the two men police found outside the residence revealed four African American males with bandanas covering their faces entered the residence on December 8.

One struck Stengline, Jr. on the head with the butt of his handgun before shoving him which caused his left shoulder to break.

The DA's release states “Stengline, Jr. recognized one of the four men to be Coneil Moore who goes by the street name of 'Murda.' He also recognized the voice of another man he knew to be that of a man who goes by the street name 'Slicc.'”

Stengline, Jr. and the other witnesses also identified the vehicle driven by the assailants – a silver, four-door Infinity – to be Moore's car.

The witnesses also identified Moore's actions during the incident to include stomping and kicking Stengline, Sr. in the head multiple times.

After being taken into custody on Monday, December 11, Moore identified one of the other assailants to be a man by the street name of “Smoove.”

Upon further investigation, this man was later identified to be Darian Jemal Daniels, who was observed via surveillance camera purchasing gloves and red bandanas from Walmart in Monroe County shortly before the incident occurred.

DA Janine Edwards stated in her office's release, “The intensive and immediate work done by the Wayne County District Attorney's Detectives, the Lehigh Township Police Department, the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department and the Pennsylvania State Police FSU Unit led to the very swift arrest of a very dangerous person.

Noting the dangers of drug-related crimes, Edwards continued, “This is not the first home invasion over drug dealing we have faced here.”

She concluded, “I am proud of the work done by the detective and the police in this matter as they worked tirelessly to find the assailants.”

--Information from a release was used in this story.