LAKE ARIEL – The time of giving is in the air, and where better to see that in action than through kind people who make sure everyone can celebrate Thanksgiving?

The Masons from Salem Lodge 330 worked alongside Terry and Bob Zabady of Ellen Memorial to provide large baskets filled with a turkey dinner and all the fixin's.

Terry and Bob Zabady, owners of Ellen Memorial, donated the funds necessary to purchase the dinners. They have worked with the Masons on this mission for five years now.

“So glad we can do it,” Terry Zabady said.

This year they were able to provide 30 baskets for those in need this Thanksgiving.

“Bobby's always been a supporter,” said Jim English. “He does it every year, he helps us a lot. He not only helps us here but also at the Masonic Lodge.”

The meals are donated free of charge to needy area families in the Western Wayne School District. This is done by working with school counselor Rachael Palko and social worker Sue Schlasta, who know which families can really benefit from the generosity.

“We're very grateful for what they do,” Schlasta said.

The school counselor echoed that sentiment.

“We appreciate their generosity. Our families are grateful,” said Rachael Palko. “It's just nice to see a community coming together to help their own.”