The Wayne/Pike Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees recently awarded the Lauretta Woodson Award to two educators of the Wayne Highlands School District. The awards were presented by PASR Wayne/Pike Chapter President, Ellen Keefer.

Lauretta Woodson was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania and graduated from Chester High School. She attended Westchester Teacher s College where she received a degree in Secondary Education in English.

She received her master s degree from Columbia University and her doctorate from Temple University. She began teaching at the Eddystone School District in the 1950s as an English Teacher.

She then became an instructor at Temple University where received her doctorate.

She then worked as an assistant professor at Temple for more than 25 years. She retired around 1984.

Since joining PASR as a life member in 1988, Dr. Woodson rose through the ranks and assumed many esteemed positions within the organization. She faithfully served the retired school employees in the Delaware Chapter and Region 1 for many years in numerous capacities.

Upon her passing, she bequeathed a sum of money to PASR to be used to support public education by honoring outstanding school employees each year throughout the state.

This year s teacher award went to Mrs. Virginia Motsko from the Lakeside Elementary School, Wayne Highlands School District. She was recommended by her principal, Sandy Rickard.

Mrs. Motsko has been a nurse with the Wayne Highlands School District for 33 years. In this capacity, Mrs. Motsko has not only treated the day- to-day illnesses that occur with their students, but has also met and exceeded the needs of the students who require unique, intensive health plans.

In addition to her school activities, she has been an advocate for ARC, and Dyberry Day Camp. She has been very active in the local bike hikes, along with various other fundraisers that help fund the camp.

She gives of her personal time to be sure that students with special needs have access to all the same fun opportunities as their peers.

Upon presenting her award, PASR Chapter President Ellen Keefer shared a personal experience where Mrs. Motsko sprang into action. Mrs. Keefer s husband had a health scare in church. Mrs. Motsko stepped in and calmed the situation. Happily, Mr. Keefer was at the ceremony to give her a big hug.

The support professional award went to Mrs.Elaine LoCicero from the Damascus Area School from the Wayne Highlands School District.

She was recommended by her principal, David Jagger.

He commented on tireless effort in helping students with disabilities and the student body as a whole. She created and serves as the advisor for the student run in-school TV broadcast.

She creates special school wide surprise projects. The first was one to honor veterans by having the students write a thank you letter to a veteran.

The letters became part of a giant flag that was displayed at their Veterans Day program.

The letters were then sent to various Veterans homes throughout the country. Each year there is a new project for Veterans Day. In addition, she and Mr. Pete Casazza were instrumental in

helping Damascus resident and veteran, Mr.Robert Dexter, receive his long-overdue high school diploma. Mr Dexter left high school early to join the military during WWII.

Mrs. LoCicero has been active in the Damascus Historical Society and helped organize a fundraising event at the school where money was raised for the Historical Society and their Little Museum.

She was Wayne County PTA President for eight years and served on the Damascus PTA executive committee for over a decade. She was also very involved with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

She coaches the cheerleading squad for the Damascus School Basketball season.

As a retired ballerina from the Pennsylvania Ballet and the American Ballet Theater, Mrs. LoCicero has danced her way into the hearts of the students and staff.