HONESDALE – Wayne County President Judge Raymond L. Hamill announced he plans to retire in January 2018.

The decision means there will be an election in 2017 for the next president judge, and at least two area lawyers – Mark Zimmer and Pamela Wilson – have expressed interest in running.

In a release Hamill said, “It has been an honor and privilege to serve the people of Wayne County these past nine years and I look forward to doing so until my term ends in early 2018,” Hamill said in a release.

The judge also commended the “fine work” done by the staff of Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, Domestic Relation and by the court administration team.

“I have been truly fortunate to have had so many gifted and hard-working individuals by my side,” the judge said.

Hamill also thanked those who have and will be answering the summons to serve as jurors.

“I am very proud of how our neighbors have willingly accepted the call of the court to serve as jurors. Our jurors have always honored their duty to serve in this most important aspect of our judicial system,” he said.

District Attorney Janine Edwards said it was an honor to work in her capacity with the judge.

“His dedication and professionalism are beyond reproach,” the DA said. “He has set the bar extremely high for the next person fortunate enough to be elected judge for Wayne County. He will be missed as our president judge.”

Zimmer, who lost the 2007 election to Hamill, said running for the position would “certainly be something I would look at.”

He noted that, ethically, potential candidates cannot at this time announce they are running.

Like Zimmer, Wilson said she is “very interested” in the position.