HONESDALE – The Wayne County Business & Professional Women (WCBPW) are working to create a memorial in honor of veterans.

The WCBPW is part of a national organization, the Business Professional Women's Foundation. It has existed in Wayne County for over 50 years.

Kim Erickson, who is in charge of the project, is looking for information about veterans from Wayne County. It will be used in a database for the monument.

“The final goal is to have a monument in town listing all the cemeteries in Wayne County and what veterans are buried there,” she stated.

“It [the monument] is supposed to go...next to the court house in front of Rutherford's office.

“There is no charge to having the names placed on it.”

To be included, the only qualification is the deceased must be a veteran who is buried in a Wayne County cemetery or a veteran who was born in the county and buried in a national veterans cemetery, such as Arlington.

Erickson has started walking around cemeteries to gather some information as well.

“The main focus right now is finding people to help find cemeteries [with veterans],” she explained.

Erickson added volunteers can contact her if they know of any veterans.

Information needed includes the name, year of death and the cemetery they are buried in.

Erickson stated more information can also be provided if a person chooses.

“They can give me more, like what branch of service, [the] birth date, death date, which war, maybe rank and more,” she said.

“I am making a database that I will share with the historical society...so we will have information on our Wayne County veterans.

“I'm hoping to make the database accessible to all when it's complete.”

She added she's trying every avenue possible to make the list “the most accurate.”

“I'm trying to get people excited and offer to walk [through] a cemetery and mark down people who have the veterans markers,” she said.

“The goal is to get this all done and built by Veterans Day so I need a lot of cemetery walkers to help.”

Erickson added the monument can be educational as well for people looking at genealogy, for example.

“It's a great way to honor our veterans,” she said.

If you have information on Wayne County veterans or would like to assist in this endeavor, contact Erickson at (570) 251-7741 or kimeric1967@yahoo.com.