HONESDALE – Starting April 16 a new exhibit will be featured at the Wayne County Historical Society (WCHS), located at 810 Main Street.

Wayne County resident Bruce Mackle donated a collection of more than 30 milk bottles from dairy farms throughout the county to the WCHS.

They will be included in the exhibit called “Wayne County's Dairy Industry.” Other items that focus on Wayne County's dairy industry will also be featured in the exhibit.

“It's a long time collection,” Mackle said. “I've been collecting [the bottles] for years, touring many garage sales.”

He added he went to any place he could to find milk bottles.

“I was born and raised on a farm in Seelyville,” Mackle stated. “We had a dairy farm...the milk was in glass bottles, which gave me the desire to start to collect.”

He has milk bottles that come from dairy farms anywhere from Lakewood to Gouldsboro.

“I was all over in Wayne County,” he said.

Mackle added that milk bottles are very scarce.

“I focused more on the small family-owned dairy farms,” he said. “In talking to the historical society, the members were thrilled to get something like that.

“I was pleased to do it. I think it's the right place for them.”

Carol Dunn, executive director of the WCHS, said they will be adding bottles to the exhibit along with those Mackle donated.

“We are trying to get one bottle from every dairy that bottles milk in Wayne County,” she said. “Our goal is to continue to add to the collection Mr. Mackle so generously donated.”

Dunn added the exhibit will be open for a year, but the bottles from Mackle will remain in the WCHS's possession.

“It's a really big deal,” Dunn said. “I'm finding they [bottles] are a very popular item to collect.

“We have several local collectors who are letting us look at their collections to choose a couple bottles we don't have a representation for as a loan for the year.”