Fly Eagles Fly!

Fly Eagles Fly!

Those three little words mean so much to a fanbase that is excited to have something to root for.

Three little words that are the anthem to a team that has seen its share of struggles, but have always pushed through.

Three little words that are so powerful and satisfying as the team sits comfortably atop the NFC East with an 3-0 streak.

Now that is something to celebrate, especially since it is the Eagles' first 3-0 start since 2004.

Had they lost to the Washington Redskins this past weekend, there would have been a three way tie for first. The Eagles certainly weren't having any of that.

It was yet another comeback win, but it was also a pretty close game throughout the afternoon.

Philly saw the return of DeSean Jackson on their turf and even though some Eagles' players are still friends with him, I know they were thrilled that he couldn't help in taking the win from them.

It was one crazy game between the plays and the hits that came. There was one play where Jackson started fighting with an Eagles player, but guess which team received the penalty.

There were plenty of penalties and injuries to go around, including a big brawl of the game in the fourth quarter.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles received a nasty hit from a Redskins' defensive lineman, Chris Baker.

That was completely uncalled for and we were all afraid Foles wasn't coming back to the game, but he pushed on and finished the game.

Although it got him ejected, I commend left tackle Jason Peters for continuing to stick up for Foles, even if a brawl broke out.

Baker got his in the end, too, because he was also ejected from the game.

All of this took place after the would-be interception by the Redskins that was overturned.

According to a blogger from ESPN, Foles said the following: "We stick together and there's a great camaraderie. In the locker room during games like that, we lean on each other instead of blaming each other. That's what football should be about."

That is one of my favorite qualities about our beloved quarterback. He is always all about the team.

Foles is always found saying, “it was a team effort, we won this as a team.”

He knows that it takes more than himself to win the games. Sure he needs a lot of credit too because he puts up a lot of great numbers, but he isn't full of himself to think the Eagles are only great because he is.

Another fun fact from their undefeated season is that the Eagles are the first NFL team in history to start a season 3-0 after trailing by 10-plus points in each game.

Running back Chris Polk gave us another stat to root for after having a 102-yard kickoff return. It was the first since Lincoln Financial Field was opened in 2003 and it was also the first the team had a kickoff return in over 80 games.

The Eagles and their fans are cheering for our undefeated start and our lead over the division, but the team also knows they have to continue to work hard and keep the momentum going.

Fly Eagles Fly on the road to victory.

Waters is a staff writer for The Wayne Independent and can be reached at