HONESDALE – A new survey is looking for feedback from Wayne County residents regarding community hubs.

HONESDALE – A new survey is looking for feedback from Wayne County residents regarding community hubs.

The Community Hub Survey was developed by the Quality of Life Committee, a workgroup established by the Wayne County Commissioners as part of the Wayne Tomorrow initiative.

The initiative, started in 2012, is meant to “help guide future development and to enhance life in Wayne County.”

Along with the Quality of Life Committee, other workgroups include Agriculture, Business & Economic Development, Sustainability and Workforce/Education.

During Thursday's meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners, Molly Rodgers spoke about the Community Hub Survey.

She is co-chair of the Quality of Life Committee.

“We are asking residents [of the county] who are full time or part time to take the survey,” Rodgers stated. “I think this will be very beneficial for the quality of life.”

The survey asks a series of questions about creating or developing community hubs.

In a release from the Quality of Life Committee, it says the definition of quality of life and the focus of the Wayne Tomorrow workgroup includes aspects of physical, mental, social, spiritual and environmental well-being.

“As social creatures, people need space where they can connect, places where social interaction and a sense of community can be fostered,” it states. “In rural areas, places like local libraries and church halls may be considered community hubs, but they are not the whole solution.

“The Community Hub Survey is your chance to provide input on what might already exist, what more might be needed and what you'd be interested in personally.”

The survey can be found at www.surveymonkey.com/s/9VRKDB6. There are also paper copies available at branches of The Dime Bank, Honesdale National Bank, NBT Bank and Wayne Bank throughout Wayne County.

Public libraries in Honesdale, Hawley, Hamlin, Newfoundland, Lakewood, Pleasant Mount and Bethany as well as Wayne Memorial Hospital also have the survey.

It will be open from Sept. 18 until Oct. 18.

“We encourage everyone to put the link up on their websites and social media to get the word out,” Rodgers said.

Steve Lawrence and Paul Ludick, two members of the Quality of Life Committee, were also present. Commissioner Wendall Kay commended them and Rodgers for their diligence and work in getting the survey out.

“We're trying to get the input from as many as we can,” Kay stated. “We appreciate your hard work as commissioners.”

Commissioner Jonathan Fritz agreed, saying there's a genuine warmth and dedication to what the committee is doing.

“I like the way this illustrates the quality of life,” Chairman Brian Smith said. “We're advocating for that. This is what we're trying to achieve.”

Other business

The resignation of Tom Daschke as a Wayne Conservation District Director was approved “with congratulations.” It is effective Sept. 30.

• Tim Jaggars was appointed as a Farmer Director of the Wayne Conservation District, effective Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2016.

• A resolution to execute the a Supplemental Reimbursement Agreement No. 048598-C for Kellams Bridge was approved. Kay said there were additional construction costs.

There is no county money being used on the project since it is an Act 26 bridge.

• A letter of commitment and resolution to apply for the PennDOT Multimodal Transportation Grant to help with the Honesdale Pedestrian Bridge Project was approved.

The original grant application was through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) but wasn't approved. The project is estimated at $153,900.

Through the PennDOT Multimodal Transportation Grant, the county is requesting $107,730. There is a county match of 30 percent, with a cost of $46,170.

The funds have been budgeted in the 2014 Wayne County General Fund Budget Capital projects. The project can be put to bid and completed upon notification of the grant.

• Two letters of support were approved for LSA funds through Monroe County Grant Applications.

One is for Honesdale Borough and Wayne Memorial Hospital for a CT Scan. The other is for Lake Township and the South Wayne Water & Sewer Authority for a backup generator.


The commissioners approved the following new hires:

• Veronica Gibbons of Hawley, Amanda Knickerbocker of Waymart and Sarah Minassian of Dingman Township as caseworkers for Children & Youth Services (CYS), effective Oct. 6. The salaries were set for $31,457.02 for 37.5 hours a week.

They are filling vacancies.

• Amy Hubert of Scott Township as a caseworker I for CYS, effective Oct. 6. The salary is set for $32,866.43 for 37.5 hours a week.

She is also filling a vacancy.

During their Sept. 11 meeting, the commissioners approved the following positions:

• Gary Quick as a part time material handler for the Wayne County Recycling Center, effective Sept. 15. The salary was set for $8 for less than 1,000 hours a year.

• Cara Ward, Morgan Dirkson, Kristina Matthys and Adrienne Anderson as part time corrections officers, effective Sept. 21. The salary was set at $12.01 per hour.

• Darlene Burnett to replace Joan Skarbez as a per diem tip staff in the Judge's Office, primarily during trial terms. The salary was set for $90 a day.

The resignation of Skarbez was effective Sept. 15.

• The 911 Department saw a restructure and the following appointments were approved:

• Betsy Turner-shift supervisor to 911 manager at a salary of $30,550.

• Brad Ellsworth-dispatch to shift supervisors at a salary of $29,700.

• Matt Kromko-dispatch 1 to shift supervisor at a salary of $30,390.

• James Wayman-911 manager to dispatch 2/TAC, with only a change in title.

All were effective Sept. 14.

• Several resignations were also approved. They include:

• Full time corrections officers Obloshny, Besten and Swift and part time corrections officer Wolfe, effective Sept. 18. Each of them took a job at FCI Canaan.

• Marsha Vanderhoof from the Transportation Department, effective Sept. 26.

• Full time caseworkers Amy Harrison and Steve Cramer, effective Sept. 19.