-At a recent luncheon meeting the Wayne County Employment Coalition (WCEC) presented Woodloch Resort with a certificate of recognition.

-At a recent luncheon meeting the Wayne County Employment Coalition (WCEC) presented Woodloch Resort with a certificate of recognition.

The recognition is given yearly to an employer that "fosters in the employment of those with disabilities."

WCEC is a community coalition, comprised of educators, support providers, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Office of Developmental Programs, community businesses, the Wayne County Office of Behavioral and Developmental Programs and Early Intervention, families and people with disabilities, working together to "promote successful employment, choice of employment opportunities and supports needed to individuals with disabilities in pursuit of an every day life."

The award was presented by Alison Kandrovy, an employment specialist from Community Vocational Services, Inc., which also works with Woodloch Resort in "establishing and maintaining employment opportunities and maintaining employment standards."

Kandrovy praised Woodloch Resort for their dedication to this effort, stating that they have taken students on tours of their "five star family resort with over 35 different departments," as well as "finding successful employment" for several of her students from the Wallenpaupack, Honesdale and Delaware Valley school districts.

She talked about her student, Alexis Dreyfus, a graduate of Honesdale High School, who attended the luncheon.

"Alexis has proven to be a perfect example of what Woodloch looks for in everyone they hire," Kandrovy stated. "She's reliable, enthusiastic and friendly and from my experience in working with her over the past year, she has a clear, passionate ambition to do well and work hard."

She further stated that Alexis started with Woodloch through job shadowing and "did so well" that she was encouraged to apply for a job "to be considered after graduation."

"Woodloch saw her potential and ambitious attitude and decided to give her a chance," Kandrovy said. "Right after graduation she was hired part time and has been working successfully ever since."

She said there is "nobody more deserving" of the recognition than Woodloch.

"I'm happy to say that in addition to Alexis, they've given job shadowing and employment opportunities to several of our students and adult clientele and have always shown everyone respect, equality and always give the best examples of teamwork, support and exceptional work ethic."

Kandrovy thanked Woodloch for their continued support and a "wonderful example" of excellence.

Bob Kiesendahl was there to accept the award for Woodloch. He thanked everyone for their support and said they are "honored" to receive the award.

"There is so much potential for these individuals," he said. "All they need is a chance. When they come to Woodloch they become part of a family."

Members of WCEC attended the luncheon and the Wayne County Commissioners were also there.

To find out more about the WCEC call (570) 253-9200.