4-H has given me many things.

4-H has given me many things.

One of them is leadership skills. When I first started five years ago, I did not want to lead anything.

Four years ago, I began as club news reporter and historian. I did that for two years. That office was a good "break in" to holding other offices.

Last year, I was elected secretary and was elected secretary again this year. Being a younger 4-H member does not mean you can not run for an office and do it well. The leaders are there to help you out and 4-H offers trainings for officers.

4-H has also taught me to be more outgoing which has carried over to many of the other activities I am involved with. Being more outgoing has helped me make so many good 4-H friends outside of my own club while becoming closer to the members in my Tri-Gal 4-H family.

In my time in 4-H, I have learned about so many different animals; not just from my own projects but also those of my friends. Offering to help a friend out at fair time when everyone is busy helps you learn about other animal projects. Who knows, in the future those might be your own projects!

This is also helpful for those who are interested in going to college for veterinary science. You can take the knowledge and skills you learned in 4-H with you.

4-H has made me a better person and given me so many skills that I know I will need not just now but for life.