It was recently announced that National Geographic is going to feature the Pocono Mountain region in its map program.

It was recently announced that National Geographic is going to feature the Pocono Mountain region in its map program.

This is a big deal for the entire area.

National Geographic is one of the most respected organizations on the face of the earth.

Every aspiring photographer always says they want to work for National Geographic.

What the new mapping means for this region certainly is not a given, however, when that name is associated with anything it means attention.

And attention is what we need.

It's no secret that tourism has been a struggling enterprise in recent years because of the down economy. Yet this area is a tourist destination and it is something we must embrace — like it or not.

Tourists come to our region with money in their pockets and they are not afraid to spend that money. We, in turn, need that money.

It is money which keeps this region going and keeps people employed. Nothing is more important for any geographic region than having a sound economy.

With the struggles these areas have seen in recent years, having the National Geographic brand is nothing but good news.

How many times have you been in a doctor's office and picked up a National Geographic? Their stories and photography are outstanding.

And their brand has spread like wildfire in recent years with television networks that are very popular.

There's nothing like seeing a diver come face to face with a great white shark and National Geographic is there to show it to you in high definition.

Many years ago, the Pocono Mountains were a huge tourist destination, especially among people along the east coast. But a lot of factors have changed it dramatically, and the numbers are evident.

The number of resorts has decreased and in the Catskills, it has really dried up.

It's doubtful that National Geographic can bring it back to the glory days, however, it could help in at least making this economy a little more stable.

Many times, those of us who live in this region take its beauty for granted. To those folks who live in concrete population centers, coming here is like going to the middle of nowhere. That's the bait we have to continually throw in order to lure the people to our region to help our economy.

Hopefully, an association with National Geographic will help us in that cause. We need to catch as many city fish with money as we can.