There's one certainty which is clear when it comes to planning and zoning regulations in Texas Township.

There's one certainty which is clear when it comes to planning and zoning regulations in Texas Township.

The process needs to be improved.

It seems meeting after meeting, controversy always comes up relating to these issues.

The matter of the sign ordinance has been well documented over the past few months. It even led to the resignation of the entire planning board over what they perceived was a lack of action by the board of supervisors.

We have been supportive of the board during these recent controversies because they seem to be wanting the right things to happen.

However, the time has now arrived for the board of supervisors to take the bull by the horns.

These issues have lagged and lagged and even more arose Monday night during the board meeting.

The Texas Township Board of Supervisors meets twice per month. That means they have adequate time to take care of these issues but have shown a lack of motivation to get things resolved.

There is no reason for this.

If you attend a Texas Township meeting, you will notice a very scant agenda which is presented to the public. There are very few specifics about what needs to take place.

This can mean only one of two things.

Either the board is simply not taking the proper initiative or they are doing business out of the eye of the public.

No matter which one it is, both are wrong.

The result has been mudslinging and accusations from people which have no business judging anyone else.

But it is the inaction by the board which has led to this problem.

If they have to take an entire week and get these issues resolved, then that should happen.

It's time they decided to get serious about the very serious issues in Texas Township. This is the most lucrative township in Wayne County and it takes serious people to make sure the letter of the law is followed.

Until the supervisors decide it's time to take these matters seriously, the controversies will continue to mount. Meeting after meeting will see a parade of people who are frustrated — and rightfully so.

The supervisors have a golden opportunity to show they are up to the task given them by the voters of Texas Township.

Let's hope they take that opportunity and do the right thing instead of what they've shown over the past couple of months.