The annual Halloween Parade in Honesdale was held on Thursday night and once again it had a big crowd and many entries.

The annual Halloween Parade in Honesdale was held on Thursday night and once again it had a big crowd and many entries.

Each year, the parade seems to get bigger and bigger, from the entries to the crowds.

But this year, there was a change which didn't seem to work so well.

The change came at the request at Honesdale Borough Council when they asked the Jaycess, which organizes the parade, to not allow candy to be thrown. The council also asked that police tape be strung between the parking meters on Main Street.

Somehow, it seems something was lost because of these new rules.

To us, there are certain "rites of passage" when it comes to parades.

One of those is the famed "candy scrum" which takes place all along the route. Kids dive head-first for that Snickers bar and it is a fine tradition which has taken place since parades and candy were invented.

And who hasn't been plunked in the noggin by a Hershey bar? Another rite of passage. Heck, that's a Pennsylvania-based company, so it runs even deeper.

Having people walk along side the parade entries and hand out candy just isn't the same.

What six year old kid hasn't snatched some candy corn from a crying baby? Another rite of passage.

Some of this may sound a little foolish, however, there is a larger point here.

We realize the reason for the change, which didn't seem to work well anyway, was probably because of some suit working for an insurance company screaming liability.


When the current members of the borough council came into office, they said government overreach would be relaxed. They said they wanted the citizens to have confidence in the regulations.

If this isn't a form of government overreach, what is? It's literally reaching into the candy bags of small children who don't sleep the night before as the long for that Butterfinger which they snatch left-handed.

No, Big Brother says you can't do that anymore. You have to stay behind some yellow tape, which, by the way, was on the ground in about five minutes.

And for those who are in the parade, you now have to walk down the street and gently hand out the candy to those bright-eyed kids.

Makes it pretty tough for those firemen who ride on top of the trucks and traditionally have been the source of the Hershey bar slinging.

Maybe it's just the time and place we live but this seems a little bit ridiculous.

And what about the lessons to be learned for the kids?

A good candy scrum builds character and shows some they don't always get their way. If you really want that Mars bar, you have to prove it.

Okay, we realize this might be a little bit of a stretch, but in this day and age of everyone screaming about how the government goes into the doctor's office and bedrooms, maybe there is a point here.

Stay out of the bedroom and leave the parade to the kids.