The nightmare which has been construction on Terrace Street in Honesdale is going to continue well into next year.

The nightmare which has been construction on Terrace Street in Honesdale is going to continue well into next year.

Recently, water lines were installed on the west side of the roadway, causing traffic headaches for motorists and school traffic.

Next year, the other side of the street is going to be torn up to install new sewer lines. That side of the street has the very busy sidewalk on Terrace.

That was the subject of a meeting Thursday evening held at Texas #4 fire hall. The meeting was arranged by the Central Wayne Regional Authority, which operates the area sewer system.

Bryon Killian from Entech of Reading, the engineering firm hired for the project, gave a presentation to around 20 residents who attended the meeting.

The project will replace around 3,700 feet of old sewer pipe, said Killian.

The area covered will be from the schools to Grove Street and Erie Street.

That pipe was installed sometime in the 1940s or 50s.

The plan is to start the project sometime next spring.

Killian said officials have found some "infiltration" in the system. He also said because of the projects which took place this year, it only made sense to do the sewer project.
He said they worked with the other companies in getting some of the basic information and that saved money for the sewer system ratepayers. The Central Wayne Regional Authority still has to obtain several permits before finalizing the project for 2013.

Killian said they have done video inspections of the entire system in question and said it was determine replacing the lines was the best way to get the project accomplished.
They also plan to replace the lateral lines which go into the houses in the area. The authority is responsible for 25 feet from the center of Terrace Street in and the homeowners are responsible for the rest.

One issue they ran into, said Killian, is the records from when the lines were installed were not kept very well. That means they may not know where the lateral lines are located until they do closer site inspection and work.

One huge issue about the project is the fact a very busy sidewalk will have to be torn up.
A member of the audience asked if they were going to be replacing the sidewalks with similar material or changing it all to concrete.

Killian said PennDOT officials told sewer authority officials it was at their discretion how they wanted to replace the sidewalks.

Some of the sidewalk area contains blue stones.

Killian said if residents want, they will pull up the blue stone and then attempt to put them back when finished.

He did say that "concrete is the preferred method" for the authority.

One part of the project, he said, is making a video of the entire area before any construction begins. In doing that, he said people can then use that video if they think their property was not restored to the way it was before construction.
It also helps the construction company in determining everything which has to be do to the area.

Killian did say they will be taking out some large trees as part of the project. They will also be removing some bushes but said they will attempt to save and replant them.
"Large trees wreak havoc on sewers," said Killian.

He did say that once the final permits are obtained, they will be meeting with individual homeowners to talk about sidewalks and other issues.

"We're tying to make this as least painful on everyone we can," said Killian.
He said the project will likely begin in April and will take "four to six months to complete."

Bids for the project have not been let. He said once the final permits are obtained, the project will go out for formal bidding.

Anyone with questions or comments can contact the regional sewer authority at 253-1003.