Some positive news came out of Honesdale Borough hall this week.

Some positive news came out of Honesdale Borough hall this week.

A new recycling program will launch in October and it will make it easier for all residents of the borough to participate in recycling.

It's called "single-stream recycling" and means that all recyclable materials will be able to be placed in containers and not sorted.

This is a huge step in making recycling sensible and easy for residents.

The reason this took place is because the borough had a contract with Wayne County which requires separation of items. That separation can be difficult, at times. For instance, if you have glass bottles, they have to be separated by color.

It's safe to say most people won't do this, mainly because everyone is busy and has precious little time as it is, let alone to do such tedious tasks.

Now, the borough is dropping its contract with the county and contracting with Waste Management, which has a single-stream recycling program. It would seem maybe Wayne County should do the same and just let Waste Management run its program.

Most people realize that recycling is expensive and generally a money-losing effort. Yet municipalities, counties an government entities across this country have programs because people care about the environment.

The purpose of recycling is to keep as much material as possible out of landfills. That is good for the environment and, frankly, good for everyone.

We applaud Honesdale Borough officials for taking this step and making recycling easier for the local residents. It was a very smart move on the part of borough council and they should be commended for this effort.

We also encourage everyone to participate in this effort.

It does take some time to do recycling, however, that time will now be reduced greatly in the borough and this should allow more and more people to participate in this recycling effort.

By being able to lump all recycling materials into containers, the time it takes will pale in comparison to the old methods.

Recycling is a good thing and it does help our environment. We've found that the majority of the population in this area does care about the environment.

How could we not?

We live in one of the most pristine places in the country and certainly one of the most pristine along the eastern seaboard. We want clean water and we don't like to see garbage along the roadways.

Hopefully, this new effort in Honesdale will spread to other communities and the county so we can all get on board with this program.

In the end, we all win with this type of system and that means we should all participate to make it work.