HONESDALE — Recycling in Honesdale is getting much easier starting in October.

Single-stream recycling will begin next month. That means it will be a lot easier for residents to do recycling.

In the past, borough residents have had to separate items for recycling and place them in separate containers.

Scott Smith, chairman of the borough's finance committee, said the borough was under contract with Wayne County but that expires at the end of September.

Now, the borough has entered into a contract with Waste Management which offers single-stream recycling.

"It will make it easier now for the residents," said Rich Doney, head of the Honesdale Public Works department.

Once a month, crews from DPW pick up recycling in the borough. There is no cost to residents.

Persons do have to provide their own containers. Several years ago, the borough received a grant to purchase containers and Smith said they are hoping to do the same in the near future. Both Smith and Doney are hoping more people will participate in the program since it is now much easier.

Doney emphasized that people can use various containers but they must be able to be lifted by one person. He said nothing larger than a 20-gallon garbage container should be used.

Persons can put plastic in garbage bags but they have to be clear bags.

Another major improvement with the new system is how much more materials will now be accepted as part of the program.

Doney especially noted that a lot of cardboard will be accepted, something which didn't happen in the past. That includes items like juice boxes, milk cartons, cereal boxes and more.

He also said there is no limit on how much material people can recycle. As long as the containers are curbside, residents can have as many as they can fill.

Both Doney and Smith are hoping more residents will participate in the program.

Doney estimates it will reduce the time by DPW workers by as much as 40 percent. However, he said if more people participate, that's all right, too, because it will be time well spent.

Smith said the borough could even see some savings by participating in the program. Waste Management will make small payments to the borough based on the amount of materials which are taken to the site.

And though it is a little farther driving distance, Doney said the hours saved in labor with single-stream recycling will easily offset that cost.

The recycling program in Honesdale began in the mid-1980s, said Doney, and he thinks this a great step toward making it even better.

"Now, I think we'll pick up a lot more," said Doney.

For October, recycling will be picked up Oct. 15-19. Doney said there is a grid system they utilize to cover the entire borough. People do not have to let officials know because all streets are covered during the week.

November pickup is Nov. 19-21 and the following month will be Dec. 17-21.

Following is an outline of what can now be recycled by Honesdale residents as released by the borough:

Commingled Recyclables, consisting of recyclable glass, aluminum, cans, plastics and papers, generally collected from residential recycling, as follows:

Materials Accepted:

• Aluminum food and beverage containers

• Glass food and beverage containers - brown, clear, or green Ferrous (Iron) cans

• PET plastic containers with the symbol #1 - with screw tops only, without caps

• HDPE natural plastic containers with the symbol #2 - narrow neck containers only (milk and water bottles)

• HDPE pigmented plastic containers with the symbol #2 - narrow neck containers only, without caps (detergent, shampoo bottles, etc.)

• Plastics with symbols #3, #4, #5, #6, #7-narrow and screw top containers

• Rigid plastics which include plastic milk/soda crates, plastic buckets with metal handles, plastic laundry baskets, plastic lawn furniture, plastic totes, plastic drums, plastic coolers, plastic flower pots, plastic drinking cups/glasses, plastic 5-gallon water bottles, plastic pallets, and empty plastic garbage/recycling bins.

• Aseptic and gable top cartons such as juice, soy, broth, milk cartons, etc.

• Newsprint

• Old corrugated cardboard Magazines

• Catalogs Cereal boxes Telephone books Printer paper Copier paper Mail

• All other office paper without wax liners

Materials not accepted, include but are not limited to, ("Unacceptable Materials"):

• Microwave trays

• Mirrors

• Window or auto glass Light Bulbs Ceramics

• Porcelain

• Plastics unnumbered Plastic bags Coat hangers

• Glass cookware/bakeware

• Household items such as cooking pots, toasters, etc.

You can find more information, including the recycling list and schedule, by visitng psabdns4.com/honesdaleborough.com or calling borough hall at 253-0713.